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After 60 years in the downtown McAllen location at 601 N. Main St., the Old Main Library closed its doors on November 23, 2011. Ready for a new home, new look, and new direction, McAllen Public Library relocated to its current location at 4001 N. 23rd St. on December 10, 2011. 

Now an award-winning public library, the new McAllen Public Library is 123,000 square feet and may very well be the largest single floor public library in the nation. The next largest is the Johnson County Central Resource Library in Overland Park, Kansas, at 90,547 square feet.

On this page you'll find facts, photos, and videos detailing the new library's development leading up to its grand opening in December 2011.

Past vs. Present 

Consider this by-the-numbers comparison of the old and present Main Library:

Old Main
Present Main
Opened: 1950
Size: 40,000 square feet
Collection Count: 330,394 items
Floors: 3
Public Meeting Rooms: 2
Public Study Rooms: 3
Public Computer Lab: 29

Special Features:
ground floor atrium, patio, used book store


Opened: December 10, 2011
Size: 123,000 square feet  
Collection Count: 355,794 items
Floors: 1
Public Meeting Spaces: 16
Public Study Rooms: 14
Public Computer Lab: 116
Children's Computer Lab: 10
Teen's Computer Lab: 6
Genealogy Computer Lab: 2

Special Interior Features:
teen area, cafe, auditorium, quiet reading room, self-check out units, art gallery, electronic classrooms, meeting rooms with audiovisual services, expanded children's area, used book store, automated materials handling system, themed wood ceiling and other special interior design features

Special Exterior Features:
extensive landscaping, Dewey Learning Trail, front mall area with one water feature, entrance canopy, drive-up book drop, exterior children's area, over 350 parking spaces


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New Main Opens December 10, 2011                  Old Main Closes November 23, 2011




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