What is OverDrive?

A digital resource provided by the McAllen Public Library that provides patrons with free access to eBooks and audiobooks.

Who can use OverDrive?

Anyone with a McAllen Public Library patron card and an internet connection.

Why is OverDrive important?

OverDrive is a great resource for those who enjoy reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks. It makes the library collection more accessible to those who cannot physically visit a McAllen Public Library location.

Where do I find OverDrive?

You can access OverDrive in any of the following ways:

How do I use OverDrive?

  1. On any tablet or smartphone, download the OverDrive app.

  2. Create an OverDrive account using your library card and pin number.

  3. Search for McAllen Public Library, and connect it to OverDrive by tapping the star. Tap on the library’s name to open our page.

  4. On the library’s page, sign in again with your library card and pin number.

  5. Search or browse for eBooks and audiobooks.

  6. Click on Borrow, then click on Add to App, and start reading! On some devices, you might be directed to your Loans page (the books icon) to download.

  7. Downloaded books will go to your OverDrive bookshelf.

  8. Access your bookshelf and our eBook catalog from the OverDrive main menu, in the top left corner.

What else do I need to know?

  • You can check out up to 6 books at a time.

  • Books will automatically expire after 2 weeks, so no need to worry about late fees!

  • Over 9,000 e-books and audiobooks to choose from!

  • También tenemos títulos en español!