About Code #RGV

Code #RGV is a nonprofit that creates tech entrepreneurs and skilled professionals for local jobs by educating, promoting, and certifying professionals. They strive to promote community participation and collaboration to invigorate creativity, innovation, and the local economy. This year, they have partnered with us for a variety of programs and events – particularly Code Camp - at the Main Library.

What is Code Camp

Code Camp is a program produced by CodeRGV for the Rio Grande Valley and McAllen Public Library to expose children and teenagers of the McAllen area and the RGV to computer programming, also known as coding. In addition to the classes offered, adults who make programming and coding their career choice provide insight into what it is like to be involved in that industry.

For example, if the theme of the week is centered on game design, they invite game developers to show off what they do, give some insight into their profession, and show examples of what they create. By doing this they hope to not only take the mystery out of programming, but encourage the youth with real-world examples of how to make a career doing something they love related to programming and design.

Visit our events calendar for upcoming events: http://bit.ly/mplcalendar